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Below you will find some asanas with strengthening properties.

Do not try to copy these without proper instruction.

This asana strengthens the wrists and arms and also develops the muscles of the abdomen.

People with drooping shoulders and hunched backs will benefit from this asana.
The whole spine is stretched back and is toned.
This pose can be tried conveniently by the elderly and even by persons with spinal injury.

Ubhaya Padangusthasana
This asana develops balance while strengthening and toning the legs.
It teaches the relationship between straight legs and spinal elevation.  

Ardha Chandrasana
This asana helps damaged legs.
It tones the lower region of the spine and the nerves connected with the leg muscles and it strengthens the knees.
Cures gastric troubles and it is good for back aches.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
This pose rejuvenates the spine and is especially recommended for people suffering from a stiff back, lumbago, sciatica and those suffering from slipped or prolapsed disc of the spine.
This pose strengthens the spine and cures back aches.
Due to chest expansion, the lungs gain elasticity.
The blood circulates properly in the pelvic region and keeps it healthy.

Salamba Sirsasana I
Sirsasana is the king of all asanas.
Regular and precise practice of Sirsasana develops the body, disciplines the mind and widens the horizons of the spirit.
One becomes balanced and self-reliant in pain and pleasure, loss and gain, shame and fame and defeat and victory.

Marichyasana II
As this pose is an intensified form of Marichyasana I, its effects are greater.
The heel at the navel puts extra pressure on the abdomen so that the abdominal organs are toned better and grow stronger and digestive power increases.

This pose removes stiffness in the shoulders and corrects any minor deformities in the legs.
The ankles become strong and the leg muscles develop evenly.
The diaphragm is lifted up and this gives a gentle massage to the heart.
The abdominal organs and the back are toned, and the chest is developed by being fully expanded.